My husband recently started beating me when I mess up dinner, or dont clean the house perfect in front of the kids.?

Call the police, report the what he's done to you, and get the contact information for the nearest domestic violence support group in your area.

You need help getting ird of this guy, before your kids learn how to abuse their partners. It's your job to show them this is NOT acceptable, and that you can stand on your own two feet.

Tell the police, testify against him, and if he threatens you, tell them again.
There is nothing appropriate about trying to stay with a guy who does this even once. There is nothing you could do to deserve it- it's about power, not love, and he needs to be gone. And that means YOU have to do something about it.


Geographically more US citizens felt despicable then other wise!
Hillary only appealed to the majority in only fifty six counties in the US (total counties 3,142 in the US). Which had the distinction of being one of two profiles-
1. Extremely well educated
2. High school dropouts
The majority of the counties were middle of the road income wise and education wise.
So Trump had the advantage of land mass because the majority of the voters in those areas felt Hillary was calling them despicable! A person does not tend to voter for a candidate they felt insulted them.
Only educated fools and the illiterate voted for Hillary (in general).

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